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If your business is trying to market its name and attract more traffic on its website, it is essential for the company to avoid common mistakes. A company investing marketing dollars into increasing traffic on their website needs to understand that more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more revenue.

There are several important factors that must be incorporated into your website if you want your site to be more than just a “brochure type” website. Rather than simply presenting your company or business to the customer through your website, a successful website should be designed to steer the viewer to complete a certain action, thus increasing sales.


To create an effective website, there must be a point of interest or POA. Point of action on a website is what you want your visitors to do. This can be anything from making a purchase, downloading a demo or submitting information.

Website conversion

The definition of website conversion is the percentage of total visitors who follow through after clicking on the company’s desired POA. The percentage of visitors that complete the desired POA signifies the conversion rate for the website. Multiple visitors will take a path that you desire for them to follow, but will not complete the form, download, etc. The percentage that completes an action signifies the conversion rate.

In order to boost the website conversion rate, companies and small businesses need to determine why potential customers drop out at certain points in the process, and eliminate the factors that interrupt possible sales.

Take rate

The number of visitors who show interest in your POA and take action, comprise your take rate. One of the biggest ways to increase your website’s take rate is by making it very clear to your visitors, on every page of your site, what you want them to do. Your site should make it easy for visitors to take the POA, no matter where they are on your website.

Why it matters

Your company or business website should be designed with one goal in mind. Ultimately, your goal is to attract more customers and make money. Website conversion allows you to do just this. Changing certain variables on your website will allow you to increase conversion and take rates.

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