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Four Digital Marketing Tips You Need to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season

Whether you own a brick and mortar store or are part of the online market square, the holiday season is the most lucrative time of the year – especially if you have your marketing and sales funnels in order.

While you should have, hopefully, a digital marketing plan in place by this point in the year, there’s still enough time to implement a couple of strategies if you don’t.

Listed below are four valuable digital marketing tips you can use to attract potential customers this holiday season. And in case you missed it, one of our recent posts also dives into social media marketing for the holiday season.

Last Second Digital Marketing Tips for the Holidays

1. Schedule Your Content Ahead of Time
This one is really important. It’s no surprise that when the holiday season comes around, things get busy. But just because you lack the time to do standard search engine optimization doesn’t mean that you get to deviate from your digital marketing responsibilities. No, you’ve got to plan ahead.

Crafting blog posts, product reviews, video, tweets, email marketing, and/or managing social media accounts has to get done early to be effective. Thankfully, a lot of social media platforms give us the ability to schedule everything in advance, which should allow you to cover your business until the holiday period is over.

If you haven’t gotten to it, now is the time to create some winter holiday-related content, social posts, ads, and blogs.

2. Use Seasonal Pay-Per-Click Keywords
If you don’t use seasonal keywords in your Google Ads campaign, you’re shooting yourself in the revenue-generating foot. Some year-round keywords can be mildly successful, but normally, users are searching for holiday-related terms. And if these aren’t included into your ad campaign, your business runs the risk of underperforming sale wise.

Let’s say for example that you own a bakery. The keywords “buy cookies” may cut it for the majority of the year, but if you don’t start bidding on seasonal keywords like “Christmas cookies” or “gingerbread,” you could really stymie your sales.

A successful PPC campaign will always include seasonal keywords that are meant to attract potential customers to your product, but it doesn’t stop there. Solid research and testing are paramount when finding out what works and what doesn’t.

And a good way is to check last year’s data to see what was trending.

3. Holiday-ify Your Branding
This is probably the most cost-effective and easiest way to incorporate holiday marketing into your business. The addition of a simple visual update to your logo that is related to the holidays shows that your company’s website is up-to-date.

You can even get really creative and create a holiday mascot, much like Coca-Cola and their polar bear ad campaigns, which have been going strong for years.

4. Retarget Your Customers
Retargeting customers can be approached from many different angles. Many times, it involves solid email and/or social media marketing campaigns to reach out to past customers that:

  • May have purchased a product from you in the past (perhaps last holiday season).
  • May have shopped online on your website but abandoned the shopping cart.
  • Are loyal to your particular brand, thus purchasing products or services more often.
  • Should be informed of holiday discounts—or exclusive returning customer discounts—that they can take advantage of.

Not only does retargeting past and potential customers encourage sales, but it also fosters customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. It also goes without saying that a happy customer improves your word-of-mouth advertising.

Need some additional holiday-related marketing tips? Reach out to the digital marketing expert, Mauricio Piña, today at (956) 566-4998.

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