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Five Social Media Marketing Tips to Use That’ll Boost Up Those Holiday Sales

Ever asked yourself why retail stores pull out all of their holiday stock months before Christmas actually arrives:

As I’m sure you can guess, these stores do it because they want to:

  1. Give customers plenty of time to buy what they need, increasing their customer satisfaction and the likelihood that customers will shop there again, especially during the holiday season.
  2. It makes these businesses a ridiculous amount of cash!

So if old school brick and mortar places can do it, why can’t you for your e-commerce business or website? Today, expert digital marketing consultant, Mauricio Piña, explores just how to rake in all of that holiday spending by using digital marketers’ best friend, social media.

  1. Cook Up Some Product Reviews

  2. A product review covers the product(s) you are showcasing from head to toe describing what the product is, highlighting its features, and providing unique tips on how to use it. It can be a video or written content that highlights your product or service in a new and special way.

    This is one of the best things that you can do to boost those sales numbers this holiday season. Writing up a product review and then promoting it through social media can spark up a lot of interest about your product(s).

  3. Put Those Holiday Hashtags To Work

  4. Holiday hashtags are huge among brands looking to get into the festive spirit. And—fun fact—when tagged to your social media, it can also help boost up your click-through rates and visits to your website.

    Hashtags that embrace the holiday spirit, and such, may appear in holiday social media searches, granting exposure to your social media post. Bonus points if your post also has an appealing form of visual media that draws in plenty of viewers and likes, helping to bring customers to both your social media page and website.

    Don’t forget to use engaging images like a wonderful holiday spread for Thanksgiving or a mound of presents and gifts.

    Get into the #HolidaySpirit now by using #hashtags to start drawing attention to your business #ChristimasComingSoon Share on X
  5. Put Some Holiday Spirit Into Your Branding

  6. Giving your social media presence a little bit of a makeover to fit the theme of the holidays is a great way to show your followers that your brand is active during this festive time.

    It could be something as simple as wearing a Santa hat in your profile pic, visual media that incorporates both your logo and the theme of the holiday, or even a whole new design that encapsulates the essence of the holidays.

    The holiday-themed branding will help attract potential customers to your site where you can pique their interests with compelling holiday offers and sales.

  7. Create Social Media Only Deals

  8. This is where the juicy part of social media marketing for the holidays is at. Social media has the power to reach plenty of holiday shoppers looking for — and hungry for — your product or service.

    With exclusive social media deals, it’ll keep eyes glued to your social media page.

    These types of offers promote your social media profiles and business. Shoppers will relish the chance to say how they got your product at a discount exclusive to them, while also generating interest by word of mouth – which is still one of the best forms of marketing.

    Try coming up with a few social media-exclusive deals like a 10 percent discount off one of your products or services for the holidays, or free shipping, bonus gifts, or discounts on their bill.

  9. Take Advantage of Influencers

  10. When it comes to social media marketing, influencers are well worth the investment. Influencers — in tandem with your social media marketing and advertising campaigns — like vloggers or Instagram influencers, can do wonders to help promote and sell your product or service.

    Do you run a clothing business? Send a product sample to a local fashion influencer. Soon, they will be showcasing your product to their — hopefully large — base through their social media pages, YouTube channels, and other outlets, helping to get the word out about your stellar products.

    Bonus points if your influencers are also embracing the holiday spirit.

The holidays are just around the corner. If you don’t have a social media marketing plan in place, you are bound to lose out on revenue opportunities. Don’t let this happen to you.

Contact me, Mauricio Piña, your expert digital marketing consultant to help you get started right away.  

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