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4 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid in 2019

First off, Happy New Year!

Now’s the perfect time to refresh our approach to digital marketing. And the easiest way to devise those strategies is by learning from our past mistakes.

We’re starting off the year with a look at what mistakes we should avoid if we want to run a successful digital marketing campaign in 2019.

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4 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2019

1. Creating Content Just Because
Search engine optimization changes all the time, but the one true constant that Google focuses on is factual, meaningful, and valuable content. You can guarantee that won’t be changing anytime soon.

Content shouldn’t be created just to fill space on your website. That is a surefire way to feel the wrath of Google’s ranking system. Content should contain valuable information that will meet visitor needs in some manner.

Google gauges this by taking into account multiple metrics such as measuring the duration of the visit, as well as if the visitor went to another similar website after viewing your site, just to name a few.

That’s why developing content that answers visitors’ questions is paramount to retaining a high Google ranking on the results page. Be sure to ask yourself questions like:

  1. Does my content help build up my brand?
  2. Will my content gain – and keep – visitors’ trust?
  3. Will it attract potential customers/clients?
  4. What format are visitors responding to most: video, blogs, vlogs, live streams, or webinars?
  5. What exactly do I know about your target audience?
  6. Do I have a strategy developed for sharing the content on a social media platform?

All of these questions are relevant to establishing yourself as a reliable source of information that visitors can trust – and trust earns business.

2. Having Undefined Goals
Having set goals helps you choose what tactics you need to achieve them, allows you to better understand areas of improvement, and offers a clear sight of what obstacles you need to overcome to get there.

And they have to be clearly defined, realistic goals. If your goal was to establish a dominating social media brand, signing up on all social media platforms isn’t necessarily going to get you there. While Facebook and Instagram might earn you some business, Reddit may not particularly cater to your niche. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense to focus on Reddit if it provides little value to you, regardless if your competition is doing so themselves.

Think about it this way. Would you trust a surgeon that didn’t have a plan if they were about to perform a major surgery on you? I’d hope not. As with many other things in life, you need a plan to get to those streams of revenue that a good digital marketing strategy can unlock.

3. Multiple Profiles, Over-Promoting, and Poor Reply Etiquette
It goes without saying that a brand that has multiple Facebook or Twitter accounts is going to confuse consumers. It’s also a waste of your company’s time and resources.

That’s why it is so important to have a one social media account per social media platform. It ensures that your social media followers know where to go to find out the latest company news, offers, or company-led conversations.

In the end, that’s all social media is all about: being social and communicative.

But there’s a fine line between having a meaningful interaction with a follower and saturating their feed with nothing but promotional content. This can feel a little spammy and nothing encourages brand abandonment quite like spam. Aim for effective and efficient promotion, not the “shooting fish in a barrel” approach.

Lastly, be social on social media. That means having more engagements, interactions, and conversations with your followers. There have been plenty of times where a brand posted engaging content on Facebook that piqued a followers interest, just to lose that opportunity because they refused to reply.

Replying to a follower solidifies their brand loyalty, assists in retaining followers and attracts more consumers to your brand. Refusing to reply is not only a wasted opportunity to grow your brand, but it can also possibly decrease your value as a social media presence.

4. Expecting Instant Results
The world of digital marketing is a fascinating one. Sometimes important decisions come on the fly, but the results can take some time to come to fruition.

That is why you shouldn’t expect instantaneous results. The anticipation in waiting to see if your campaign was successful can be overwhelming, but your patience will be rewarded.

Sure, digital marketing can net you some quick successes — like an increase in your website traffic — but oftentimes, that quick success is only temporary. Then shortly after, you are left wondering what you can do to make another quick buck. In the long run, this isn’t a sustainable digital marketing business model. Work smarter, not harder.

You need to develop long-term content marketing strategies that focus on crafting high-quality content through different methods of distribution. We’re talking through copy, video, social media – the whole works. And the best way to do that is to hire an expert digital marketing consultant.

Hiring an experienced digital marketing consultant like me, Mauricio Piña, is a surefire way to avoid these mistakes in 2019. Don’t hesitate to contact me today at (956) 566-4998 to learn more.

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