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July 2020

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Why Digital Marketing is Important During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There is no way to sugarcoat this: it’s an extremely difficult time for businesses. The economy has taken a downturn, and whether you’re a business that has slowly opened up your brick and mortar location or you function online, the revenue that you’re used to generating isn’t coming in.

However, the simple breakdown is this: if you can solidify your communication to your customers through social media, adjust your business hours accordingly, and offer quality products and services during the pandemic, you will be in an ideal position when this is all over. If you can afford to run a digital marketing campaign during this pandemic, do it, but if you need a little help doing so, hire a digital marketing consultant.

What the Statistics Show 

According to Search Engine Watch, a majority of the over 4,500 digital marketing professionals that they surveyed believed that businesses must adapt to conditions as quickly as possible to not only retain customers but so that they can also quickly return to pre-quarantined markers.

On top of that, many believed that increasing their work and enhancing business signs was ideal, with 18% of respondents noting an increase in sales, 27% reporting an increase in traffic, and 12% receiving new customers. 

While many corporations are standing pat and trying to tread water by eliminating their digital marketing footprint, there are companies that see the big picture and are poised to seize the moment. It is important to note that one in four companies are increasing their digital marketing game plan, with 41%  set to ride their momentum to enhance their social media standing, according to

How Business Owners Can Maintain Their Digital Footprint 

Even though the normalcy of our daily lives has slowed down to a crawl, every business owner can do things to maintain their digital footprint. Those who develop an intelligent and receptive approach can build a bridge with consumers that will make the business more visible, cultivate a deep loyalty, and answer lingering questions about your business operations:

  1. What are your new hours?
  2. When are you open?
  3. What products do you have available?
  4. What measures have you taken to ensure the protection of your customers?

Updating your social media channels and helpful, relevant content that answers all of these questions is an essential lifeline of your business today. If you are already employing a digital marketing strategy that answers these questions, now would be a great time to analyze important site metrics through Google Analytics, conduct brand awareness campaigns on the social and content side, and create impactful and empathic ads on social media.

If You’re New to Digital Marketing, Help is Always Around the Corner

If you have a vision for your company and a desire to see your business succeed during these trying times, then fostering a digital campaign that quells consumers’ fears and caters to an uncertain and everchanging circumstance is the key to a business’ survival. Whether it’s with a sensitive approach or some much-needed humor, the road to your future financial recovery is how you set your digital approach right now.

Being a business owner is not easy an easy role–much less so during a pandemic–but luckily, a digital marketing consultant’s function is to help your business sell products and services online, which is a service that is needed now more than ever.

Developing a winning digital-marketing strategy on top of managing your business may seem like a massive obstacle, but with the right digital marketing consultant, it doesn’t have to be.


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