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Getting a Head Start on Voice Search Optimization

Not long ago after taking a hard look at end-of-year trends for 2018, something dawned on me. Smartphones that use Google Assistant (or Siri, Cortana, etc.), and smart home speaker devices, like Alexa, are becoming a popular alternative to…

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Conquering Marketing Automation in 2019

While artificial intelligence has not gone the way of Skynet (just yet), 2019 has been noted by many digital marketing consultants and professionals as a game-changing year regarding machine learning. For digital marketers, this means improved understanding of consumer…


Get Mo’ Business in 2019 with E-commerce

There’s plenty of reason to develop an e-commerce website in 2019 if you haven’t already. There are plenty of stats available to back up the indisputable truth that consumers are fleeing in droves to online shopping, including: Global retail…

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Mo’ Basics: Web Analytics 101

Suffice to say that analytics play a pivotal role in the world of digital marketing. Data helps tremendously when developing your content strategy, social media campaigns, making changes to your website, and essentially all other aspects of your digital…

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The Magic of Link Building and Earning

All right, time to confess. Earning and building links is hard work. If you spam too many links in your content, you risk losing your ranking on Google search as well as customer confidence. If you don’t earn any…